Stop Worrying and Start Living

Our Innovations

With Nimbus9 you never overpay for exceptional protection and great styles. Our company was created out of the need for products with quality craftsmanship, elegant design and absolute protection at reasonable prices. 

Considered Alternative

Until now you have had to choose between overpriced brands or low quality cheap alternatives that don’t live up to your style. Nimbus9 products showcase your individuality with smart, sleek and sophisticated designs at undeniably great prices.

Evolved Model (Factory Direct Pricing)

The Nimbus9 mission is to provide you with tremendous value. This endeavor has led us to open our own production facilities so we can control all aspects of creating a great product.

 Our design studio is full of talented and prolific designers that dream up and create the very products before your eyes. The products are brought to life through precision craftsmanship, using only the finest materials and the most stringent quality control processes. 


Our design studio is full of talented craftsmen and designers that dream up and create the very things before your eyes today. When all they do is eat, sleep and breathe Nimbus9 Life, quality becomes us. 

Our Factory

When you own your own production facilities, you own the process. Having complete control over the entire process has enabled us to respond to our customer’s needs. In this ever-changing world, we make it a priority to be nimble and able to adapt. So when times get tough, we make it easy on your pockets. Tell your friends that Nimbus9 is the best protection you can get and oh yeah, it’s smarter priced too!